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Bigfoot E-Mail Blackmail

Sometimes new boys to the Bigfoot craze use strange ways of jumping on the Bigfoot bandwagon. In 1996 this particular Bigfoot case try-out attempted a blackmail/extorion threat aimed at Cliff Crook. He, (Matt Moneymaker) demanded that Cliff take an alleged photo of Bigfoot off Cliff's website or he would post Cliff's name on the internet as a "hoaxer". Moneymaker's first surprise was that the photo he was bothered about was not on Cliff's website. So he sent another e-mail demanding that Cliff tell anyone that had it on their website to take it off or else. Nothing doing. So Moneymaker posted Cliff on the internet as a "hoaxer". He then fixed up a phony and malicious statement against Cliff with a phony debunking of the photo and placed it on the internet. All this effort by Moneymaker is illegal and blackmail is a felony crime. Mr.Moneymaker's e-mails are in the safe keeping file. If anyone else has had trouble with him, we would appreciate your letter to

Cliff and Grover examine the Wild Creek Photos.

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